Introducing… KoobleKar Videos

This video is about 7 minutes. It features a ride around Albuquerque in one of Kooble Kar’s kublewagens. Then we head out into the desert!

This is a very short video — less than a minute — of a Kooble Kar tearing up the street in front of the SkunkWerkes. Short because it’s fast.

This video is about 3 minutes. It also features a ride around Albuquerque in a kublewagen reproduction by Kooble Kar.

Here is the official MGM trailer for the movie “Valkyrie,” starring Tom Cruise. Kooble built kublewagens were used in the desert scenes. Look for the desert scene, about 1 minute in.

If you have your own videos of your Kooble Kar, email us at with a link or multimedia file. We will post the video here for everyone to see!