Introducing… The Schwimmwagen Military Replica!

Arriving Early 2010!

SchwimmwagenWe will be taking delivery of T-166 Schwimmwagen body tubs in early 2010. A “body tub” is the Schwimmwagen boat hull. The Schwimmer body tub is being built by an established boat builder who also has owned seven Schwimmwagens. He is using his experience with both boat building and restoring Schwimmwagens to build the Schwimmwagen hull.

The first tub or hull we get will be for a customer who will be having us build it as a four wheel drive. The customer will be supplying the very scarce and costly four wheel drive components. Because of the difficulty obtaining four wheel drive components, the first one will probably be the only one built with four wheel drive. Much more feasible will be the two wheel drive version which will use readily available components.customer

The hull, tub, or body will be hand laid fiberglass just like a boat. Installed within will be a strong steel backbone to which the front wheel drive axle and steering, the rear axle, transmission, and engine will be attached.

At this point, you ask. What does it take to make it a Schwimming Schwimmwagen? Let’s tackle the floating part first. You will need to seal the rear axle tubes with special seals. You will need two (2) bilge pumps. You will need special seals or “O” rings for every bolt or item that goes through the body.

SchwimmwagenNow that you have it floating it might be nice to propel it through the water. The best way is to purchase a reproduction drive unit. Now you have a floating, schwimming Schwimmwagen.

We’re guessing folks without a lot of money will opt for the two wheel drive that looks like the four wheel drive and will have a faux propeller drive unit. Until we build our first complete Schwimmwagen it will be difficult to estimate what the pricing will be for various versions.

As we fabricate the windshield frame, seats and covers, duckboards, top mechanism and canvas cover, tubular bumpers, dash board and add head and tail lights, black out lights and various brackets we’ll keep everyone informed via newsletter.


Dennis Mallon
KoobleKar Skunkewerkes