Horch 108

HORCH 108 Military Replica by KoobleKar

First built by KoobleKar the, Kubelwagen folks, in 2007. A WWII German troop carrier reproduction. The KoobleKar version is built on a modern truck chassis.

Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC and others with the correct wheelbase can be used. Consult with our tech people. The goal was to make it perform well in off road conditions and have the capability to travel on modern roadways and keep up with traffic.

Constructed of steel throughout with a strong monocoque cage frame with spot welded “paint lock” body panels spot welded to it. It can be built with the modern electronics from the modern donor vehicle.

Horch Steyr ship


Vehicle can be painted, camo’d, and marked to your specification.


Build your Horch 108 here. Email today for a custom price, details and features of your Krupp Prozte. You can also use our web based contact form.

Horch miscl 009mod


Horch in the field