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Why a Kooble Kar???

I’ve been involved with VW’s for over 30 years and always liked their rugged simplicity. I’ve had several different Dune Buggies, Sandrails, Baja Bugs, and even an off-road Baja Karmann-Ghia, which was actually the best of the bunch! I’ve owned Jeeps, 4-Wheel Drive trucks, and a VW Type 181 “Thing”. Still, the VW (particularly, that Baja’d Ghia) was the most functional of any of them! The Ghia could go anywhere the 4WD’s could, didn’t get stuck as often, used lots less fuel, and had plenty of room (well everyone has their own idea of what “plenty” is) for a weekend’s camping gear, a wife, and two daughters. The “Thing” was a disappointment for us. It seemed under-powered, got stuck, and compared to the Baja’d Ghia, didn’t get very good fuel rnileage. Also, it was nowhere as stiff as the Ghia, which did have a roll bar I added to make it stiffer and torsionally rigid.

I’ve been a World War II history buff and knew of the “Thing’s” predecessor, the VW Type 82, “Kublewagen,” and liked its simplicity, no carpeting, no upholstery, simple slab sides, etc. – a simple, functional, military vehicle. For years, I have wanted to expand my business, The Skunquewerkes, to the International Market, and I realized the Kooble Kar was something I could design, engineer, produce, and offer to a world-wide market. Anywhere there is a Beetle “donor” car, there is a basis for a Kooble Kar. The VW Beetle is a “World Car,” and is still being produced, not to mention the literal millions of inexpensive used cars and affordable used and new parts available from manufacturers all over the world.

I designed the Kooble Kar to be an inexpensive kit (the average low price kit on the market starts at around $5,000.00) of a relatively hard to find car (authentic “Kublewagens” average $18,000-$60,000+) that was easy to assemble (basic hand tools can be used) and made of a strong welded steel tube cage frame that would make it resistant to twisting and bending and would allow the use of different body panels. A simple, durable, fun vehicle that is suitable as an off-road vehicle, a W.W.II “Kublewagen” look-alike, a beach buggy, town cruiser, or, well use your imagination!

Dennis Mallon, Skunquewerkes’ Direktor