Introducing... The Kooble Kar!

The Schwimmwagen Military Replica Arrives Early 2010!


We will be taking delivery of T-166 Schwimmwagen body tubs in early 2010. More information about the Schwimmwagen and its arrival can be found here.


Why name this boxy "Jeep" looking "Thing" a Kooble Kar? Well... the World War II Wermacht (German Army) Volkswagen Type 82, dubbed by the German soldiers as the Kublewagen (literally "bucket-car"), inspired this machine. Some sources suggest that "bucket" referred to the bucket-type seats. Others feel that "bucket" describes the bucket-like shape of the vehicle. We're inclined to think that "bucket" refers to the vehicle as a whole: noisy, like a bucket, and very simple in design, yet useful.

This video is about 7 minutes. It features a ride around Albuquerque in one of Kooble Kar's kublewagens. Then we head out into the desert!

In designing the Kooble Kar, we wanted to use some of the very admirable features of the Type 82 Kublewagen:

Simple Light
Easy to Maintain Economical
Durable Off-road Performance

The "Kublewagen" expert will discover that our Kooble Kar is not an exact replica of the Type 82: We have made design changes for structural soundness, safety purposes, and cost efficiency (which we pass on to you). The Germans were innovative, but modern times have provided us with new standards. No doubt you will find the changes inconsequential to the Kooble's appearance and the engineering much improved.